Why Pop Karma is Organic

August 27, 2020

Why Pop Karma is Organic

When I started dreaming about Pop Karma, I knew that one of my goals was to support sustainable farming. We often take food for granted, but it is vital to our existence. There are massive industries dedicated to planning, growing, harvesting, manufacturing and delivering food so that it shows up at stores and restaurants like magic without us having to think too much about it.

Out of the myriad of badges you see on food: Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Gluten-Free -- Certified Organic is the highest standard. No chemicals and no-GMOs. It's good for your health, the environment, and farmers that do the actual growing. Certified Organic is also the only one that is managed by the USDA. You can grow organically, but if you are certified, it means that there are inspectors that come out to ensure you are growing the right way and following standards. That layer of security costs a little more.

Every wonder why a home grown tomato tastes so much better than a conventional grocery store tomato? As food has become "easier", Americans have pushed for it to become cheaper. To make that happen, the food industry industrialized to increase its volume and grow as much food as possible in the smallest space possible. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides push that growth, exhausting our soil. Farmers used to rotate crops and use natural methods to replenish soil in a sustainable manner, bit now industrial farmers have to dump more and more chemicals into the earth to get the same yield. Animals are crammed into small spaces, never let outside to see the light of day, and fed antibiotics in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to keep them from getting sick. The tomato from your garden is grown slowly and picked when it is ripe, vs tomatoes that are grown for rapid sales and picked before they are ripe to last longer.

At Pop Karma we want to support good food that is grown ethically and naturally, without chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We believe organic food tastes better AND is better for our health and the environment. Organic farmers are stewards of their lands - they do not use GMOs or chemicals, and they practice methods that keep their soil healthy. By using certified organic ingredients, we know that our growers are not cramming animals into CAFOs, and that we are protecting the environment for future generations. It's good karma.



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