Healthy Snack

Your bag of Pop Karma popcorn has 10,000 years of history. The oldest snack on earth, our ancestors munched on popcorn. Popular throughout the Americas, the oldest corncobs have been found in Peru but corn was domesticated even earlier - 10,000 years ago, and that early corn was popcorn! While our ancestors used fire to pop their corn, we use modern technology at Pop Karma to pop our pure organic corn with only hot air.


We know you choose Pop Karma because you have great taste and style and because you care. Each serving of Pop Karma is

  • popping with 2x the antioxidants of the average serving of fruits and vegetables. Popcorn is loaded with the antioxidant polyphenol - 300 mg, vs 113mg in a serving of sweet corn and 160mg in the average serving of fruit. The popcorn part with the most antioxidants? The hull.
  • 100% unprocessed whole grain. One serving provides 70% of your daily recommended intake. What part of popcorn has the most whole grain? The hull.
  • low calorie. In addition to being full of nutrients, air popped popcorn is low in calories. When you are watching what you eat, every calorie counts so we lightly season our pure popcorn with flavorful, delicious ingredients.
  • made from top quality ingredients. We couldn't find delicious snacks with ingredients we trusted, so we searched high and low to make sure every ingredient that we put into our popcorn is bursting with flavor and grown in the most sustainable, natural way. 
  • certified organic. You will find our popcorn and most of our ingredients are certified organic, which means they are grown and handled without chemicals, and can not be a genetically modified organism (GMO). Organic certification is the highest level of certification possible.
  • lightly seasoned. Our French Chef's philosophy is that flavors need to be perfectly balanced instead of overwhelming. That way you can enjoy your entire bag of popcorn with your favorite beverage. 

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