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We started popping corn in New York City in 2012 with the simple belief that actions matter. That's why Pop Karma's craveable organic popcorn is made from pure, top-quality ingredients. We keep our ingredient lists minimal since we source the best food possible from responsible, sustainable producers.

Our goal is to be your go-to snack and have you ♥️ us so much, you're inspired to share. While you're munching on antioxidants and whole grain Pop Karma goodness, we're obsessing over finding the best organic ingredients. We want each bite to nourish your body because good food means good health. And food that is sustainably grown leads to a healthier planet.

When you make good choices, you create good karma. It's that simple. Feel free to share.


We believe in making choices that create a beautiful now and an even better tomorrow. As a food company, we take responsibility for our actions and we strive to get better. Our brand values guide us in our choices:

  • Excellence in our products, our relationships and our actions
  • Authenticity in our communications, our food and our behavior
  • Responsibility for the environment, our partners and each other
  • Inspiration to learn and improve in all we encounter


Founder Jean Tsai is obsessed with food quality and sustainability. She is the eco-customer in restaurants who always asks where ingredients came from and how they were grown. An incorrigible lifetime snacker, she was a junk food vegetarian before getting a questionable cholesterol reading which then morphed her into an advocate of clean, whole foods.  Though her cholesterol improved, she missed crunchy snacks. Jean searched high and low for a delicious and healthy snack made from sustainably grown, real food ingredients but couldn't find one. However, she was overjoyed to learn that popcorn was a whole grain with a large dose of antioxidants. With that, she worked on developing flavors with a chef friend, and opened Pop Karma in 2012 on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Her commitment to sourcing delicious organic popcorn and seasoning it with top-quality seasonal ingredients soon had Pop Karma named one of New York City's top artisanal treats and brought them kudos from foodies and fans. Now Pop Karma is available online and soon in stores near you.

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