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Founder Jean Tsai has been keen on green since she was young. She majored in Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Pennsylvania, and was eager to start a recycled pen company. Though she initially opted for the corporate path to gain business experience, she always remained passionate about the environment.

At Pop Karma, part of popping with goodness means being stewards of the earth. Since agriculture has a significant environmental impact, we choose to support sustainable farming, and in particular organic farming.  Organic farming is done without the use of harmful chemicals, can not include genetically modified organisms, and requires pasturing for animals.  We also try to source locally whenever possible.

Our popping facility was built with the environment in consideration. We reused whenever possible - our computer, cash register, popcorn warmers, counter stools and most of our office and storage equipment were bought used. Our lights are compact fluorescent lights, and our nontoxic cleaning chemicals are from Ecologic. Our paint is non-VOC.

There is a refillable option for our popcorn packaging, which we strongly encourage with a discount. Our popcorn bags are made from recycled paper, and our Karma Shots are made of compostable bagasse paper from sugar cane.

We've taken some steps toward becoming sustainable but there is still a long way to go. In an effort to do so we are working with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to think of more ways to become a green business. That being said, we always welcome your suggestions.

95 Orchard Street New York, NY 917-675-7450

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