At Pop Karma, we believe that all of our actions have an impact - both on ourselves and everything around us. The earth nourishes us with food, beauty and resources. We try to tread more lightly on the earth to help sustain our home that sustains us. 

To do so, we try to reduce our consumption, reuse items, and recycle when we can't reuse (in that order). Our current actions include:

  • Being certified organic. Supporting organic farming to reduce chemical usage and byproduct. Since agriculture has a significant environmental impact, organic farming can help renew the soil and keep it fertile for future generations. Organic farmers cannot use harmful chemicals, and animals must be provided with organic food, space and access to the outdoors. 
  • Sourcing locally as much as possible. Shopping locally reduces transportation requirements.
  • Reuse clean, lightly used boxes (sometimes from other companies) when possible to ship your packages
  • Provide all food waste to local farmers to be used for animal feed
  • Recycle cardboard, paper and plastic to reduce our footprint
  • Waste oil is refined and re-manufactured into hand soap
  • Pallets are reused, refurbished, and/or sold to recyclers
  • Motion sensor lighting is used in the popping facility to reduce electrical usage

We look forward to doing more as we strive to improve. 

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