Popcorn Shapes: Butterfly and Mushroom

March 04, 2021

Popcorn Shapes: Butterfly and Mushroom

There are lots of different ways to categorize popcorn - by color, size, seed, nationality - but one of the most obvious ways is by shape: butterfly or mushroom.

You may have noticed that some popcorn pops into unique shapes with "wings". That's called butterfly popcorn (or snowflake since every kernel seems unique). The other popcorn shape is ball-like, and consistently looks the same. That's mushroom popcorn. 

We find butterfly popcorn to be more tender and fun to eat - you can nibble some wings off or just dump a handful into your mouth. The shape is lighter and airier, and the nooks capture more seasoning. We use yellow butterfly popcorn in Pop Karma Popcorn. Of course, we found a variety that pops up sweet and delicious with a big satisfying kernel.

Mushroom popcorn is a consistent ball shape, which some people find to be denser than butterfly popcorn. Since it is a ball, it travels better - when it gets crushed it just condenses instead of having its delicate wings broken off. You often find sweet coatings like caramel on mushroom popcorn.



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