Founder Jean Tsai is obsessed with food quality. Jean is the annoying customer in restaurants who always asks where ingredients came and how they were grown or caught. As an incorrigible lifelong snacker that eats all day, she found herself searching for a delicious and healthy snack that was made from sustainably grown real food ingredients. Since she never found one, she decided to start Pop Karma. Before Pop Karma she worked in various corporate worlds to gain experience to start Pop Karma.  Jean earned her MBA at Dartmouth College and her BSE/BA at the University of Pennsylvania. Her blog is at Mindful Eats.

Popcorn Chef Stephane Lemagnen is the genius behind Pop Karma's recipes. Chef Stephane takes a creatively elegant approach to cooking. Currently a private chef and the mind behind Zen Can Cook, he attended cooking schools in the Pays Basque and Paris, then cooked at Michelin starred restaurants. In 2006 he opened a critically acclaimed avant garde dessert bar, Room 4 Dessert.

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