Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Your company events are an opportunity for you to delight and impress your customers and employees. We get it. That's why we put as much care into creating Pop Karma gourmet popcorn as customer service. Our popcorn is an artisanal treat that is universally loved and shows that you are willing to provide the best. It is the perfect pre-packaged snack you can serve at a meeting or trade show, or to create an artisanal popcorn bar. Our mission is to provide exactly what you are looking for in a reliable and professional manner. When you use Pop Karma, you get artisanal product backed by small company personal service and big company reliability.

Pre-Packaged Giveaways 

We have favors in several sizes to suit your needs

Individually packaged gourmet popcorn is a memorable giveaway at conferences, sponsorship activations, meetings and trade shows. Your guests can eat them on the spot, or take them away as a souvenir that reminds them of you later.

You can personalize any of our packaging with your own logos, or we can work with you on custom packaging. Our popcorn can be packaged in small bags or beautiful tins.


All of our packaging can also be cobranded with your branding for an unforgettable impression. Send us your labels a couple weeks before delivery, and we will take care of it. If you are in need of custom packaging, contact us at or call us at 917-675-7450 to discuss.

Artisanal Popcorn Bars

For events where people are stopping to socialize, we can provide you with everything you need for an artisanal popcorn bar.  Order our large tins in different flavors, pop them open at your event, place scoops and flavor cards in front of them, and you have your own artisanal popcorn bar that will delight your guests.  Watch them try different flavors and ask other guests which flavors are favorites. If you have your own containers, we can provide bulk popcorn for you to fill them.

Bulk Popcorn

If you have a creative vision around your own packaging or popcorn bar, contact us to provide you with the delicious top-quality bulk popcorn that you need. We can sell popcorn by the gallon, in bags that start with over two gallons in size.

    Are you interested in gifting popcorn? Learn more about corporate popcorn gifts.

    Contact Us

    Call us at 917-675-7450 or email us at to discuss your corporate needs. We have worked with companies as discerning and varied as Nike, Standard & Poor's, J. Crew, Paige, Linked In, and Citibank. Please see the gallery below for inspiration.

    Popcorn men

    Oscars themed Popcorn Bar created by People Magazine

    Artisanal popcorn and soda bar at SVA Theater

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