Best Popcorn Testimonials

We think our popcorn is the best and surpassingly delicious. However, it's what our customers think that matters. So here, in their words: 


"My Pop Karma box arrived far surpassing already high expectations. I love the packaging, and adore the subtle, sophisticated taste of "Mediterranean". While I bought it originally for myself, I can't wait to give this to others. With its reusable tins, it will now be my go-to housewarming gift."

~Antonia T., San Francisco, CA

"I was having a rough day studying for the California Bar Exam and a friend surprised me with a bag of Kyoto Mix. The combination of my favorite snack (popcorn) with my love of Japan! No way! Furikake on popcorn?! Are kidding me?!? How clever!!! Thank you for the best study snack EVER!!! If I pass, I know I owe it all to the Kyoto Mix popcorn! Ha!

~Vivian T., Esq., New York, NY

"Our clients love it! Im so happy this partnership worked out, you are such a pleasure to work with.  You got me the product so fast, I wish all my vendors could be like you."

~Heather U., Element Music, New York, NY 

"Thanks for existing!!!! I haven't had popcorn in so long and the salt & vinegar popcorn won my heart today!!!!"

~Dorie L., New York, NY 

"This is the kind of popcorn that when you eat it you want more and more and more!... if you go back to New York again without me can you get me more of that popcorn again?"

~Evan D. (4 years old), Indianapolis, IN

"There was nothing you could have done to make the event better – you guys were amazing! Everyone LOVED you guys at the event and couldn’t stop raving about the popcorn. We will absolutely keep you in mind for future events."

~Claire S., LaForce+Stevens, New York, NY

"In the Holiday Spirit, I recently treated and introduced my office to an order from Pop Karma. Needless to say, they went berserk & bonkers!!!!!!!! The favorite flavor was Bacon Apple Bourbon Caramel (yummy with wonderful flavor). We now have A PERSONALIZED OFFICIAL POPCORN BUCKET and are now die hard fans!!!!! Kudos To Jean And Chef Stephane."

~Bobby C., New York, NY

"When I opened my tin and started nibbling I realized something distinct to popcorn and more specifically to Pop Karma popcorn. You just cant stop eating, when popcorn is good and yours is over the top,  you literally have to take one arm and have it grab your other arm to reach for the lid or you will surely overdose. Your caramel corn reminds me of my youth. There was a special sweets shop in Coney Island, think its still there, they popped fresh caramel corn and your takes me back, something about the flavor that feels 'real' to me. Simply stated I am a fan and grateful for the fix."

~Jay D., Englewood, NJ

"Although my habit is to eat only three meals a day, your popcorn is so delicious I've been snacking between meals! It's because the flavors are subtle and uncommon, and because I know the ingredients are the best!"

~Dorothy D., Manhattan, NY

"It was a surprise gift to my daughter and she was very pleased with the popcorn. She is very picky when it comes to what she eats.  I will be ordering a refill when the popcorn is gone. You have a customer for life."

~John J., Castalia, OH

"Best Caramel corn ever. Actually, best popcorn ever. I am a real picky foodie so I know what I am talking about."

~Lauren H., New York, NY

"I tried your popcorn for the first time at Governor's Island this past weekend and now I'm in love! It doesn't hurt that popcorn is my favorite food!"

 ~Colleen S., Park Slope, NY

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