We believe that everything you put in your body should be delicious, made of real food, and healthy. Food directly impacts your health. Agriculture has a vast impact on the earth. A myriad of actions have been taken by the time your food gets to your lips. That's why we obsess about sourcing -- we are looking for top quality ingredients that are grown responsibly to maximize the taste and health benefits of your popcorn, while minimizing harm to the environment. We think about it so you don't need to - you can just sit back and enjoy the good karma in your popcorn.

As a food company, we accept responsibility for our actions and we use our brand values below to guide us. We certainly know we aren't perfect, and are always open to discussion and excited to learn new things, so let us know what you think!

  • Excellence in our products, our relationships and our actions
  • Authenticity in our communications, our food and our behavior
  • Responsibility for the environment, our partners, and each other
  • Inspiration for all that we encounter, including ourselves

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