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We love most of the people we come across. Our customers, suppliers, advisors, neighborhood characters. But there's a certain group of people for which we have special love. These early/Kickstarter supporters believed in us before we started popping. Our Karmic Sponsors provided great advice, created our logo, crafted recipes, bought us our caramelizer (Pookie) and contributed to our popper. Our Kickstarter supporters raised $12,200 out of a goal of $7,000.

Brooke Ahrens
Arlyn Blake
Kaitlyn Buckley
The Burkoths
Betsy Chairman
Paul Chan
Isadora Cheong
Sarah J. Christensen
Vivian Chung
Suzi K Cohen
Cathy Cole
Katie Covington
Adrienne Kardon Crowther
Gabe de la Paz
Meredith Dennes
Dorothy Dinsmoor
Elliot Family
Paul Fernandez
Corey Fraiberg
Frank Organics
The Golden Family
Max Goldberg
Erik Haus
Naomi Hamby
Kristiana Helmick
Vera Hough
Hsu Family 
Julia Hu
Gifford Hwa
Karma's Mom & Pop
Flloyd Kennedy
Owen and Natalie Kennedy
Jaffe and Partners
James Killerlane 
Jon Kiger
Marylee Klinkhammer
Laurent Lanneau
Mike LaRocque and family
Stephane Lemagnen
Eric Leven
Stephen Leven
Felicia Lipson
Gusto Lopez
Rosie Lopez
Linda & Kevin Lynch
Allison Lynn
Daniel Malin
Ann McGowan
Sarah McGowan
Antoinette Melillo
Morgan Mermagen
Gillian Munson
Joie Muntner
Laura Nelsen
New York Superfoods
Christopher O'Callahan
Law Office of Henry Park, PC
Michael Pearson
Sarah E.S. Perkins
Khanh Pham
Mim Plavin-Masterman 
Bill Rigby
Kelly Roark
Seth Rodgers
Mark Rosenblatt
The Rubles
Jennifer Silverberg
Glorife Simon
Wendy W. Smith
Gyongver Szabo
James Taylor
Erik Tiltmann
K. Truong
Linda Tsai
Susan & Edward Tsai
The Tsai Family
David Tsung
Henry & Kimiyo Wang
Kristina Wollan
Ivan Yagolnikov

Thank you!

95 Orchard Street and 200 Broadway New York, NY 844-POP-KARMA

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