Pop Karma Supports YMCA Chicago's Urban Warriors

July 19, 2022

Pop Karma Supports YMCA Chicago's Urban Warriors
I've always believed that 1) changing the world starts locally and 2) you never know what amazing people and things you can bump into when you get out there.
I went to a luncheon where the leaders of the YMCA of Metro Chicago spoke about their Urban Warrior program, one of their Youth Safety and Violence Prevention programs. When Chicago youth in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods with gang violence were asked who their heroes were, 75% of those named were fictional. The most popular real life heroes cited were our military.
So the YMCA created Urban Warriors, a structured program that provides Chicago youth with veteran mentors and aims to reduce the traumatic effects of violence. The youth in these neighborhoods share experiences with our veterans - surviving hostile environments and striving to cope.  Researchers often note the similarity between US gang members and child soldiers.
I'm grateful I went to that luncheon. People are doing amazing things in our communities, and we are happy to announce that your purchases funded Pop Karma donations to the Urban Warriors program. To learn more about Urban Warriors, click here.

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